In thematic stamp collecting, where you collect stamps based on their them or illustrations, the interest for philately and other hobbies can be combined, With this in mind a number of countries have released stamps depicting Scouts, these stamps have depicted subjects including Scouting activities, history of Scouting, uniforms from around the world to list but a few. There are also time when you may get the chance to see one or more of the special postmarks that have been used at major Scout Events

During the siege of Makeking. the stamp supply was short, and in April, 1900 emergency stamps were produced, intended for local postage within the sieged town. One of the stamps shows a portrait of Baden-Powell. Even though this was 7 years before scouting started, the Mafeking stamps are considered by some people to be the first scouting stamps.


Siege of Mafeking Stamp

The gallery below  shows a selection on Scouting themed stamps that I have, to give a an idea of the sort of stamps that are have been released over the years

As mentioned above about stamps being released to mark special events & occasions, one of these occasions was the Centenary of Scouting in 2007  when a number of Countries released stamps and first day covers to mark the occasion, below is a selection of stamps that were released that year